Conference week begins this coming Monday, October 16th.
We are excited that most everyone will meet with their children’s teachers and hear about student progress. Conference week is a long week for staff due to the added hours of preparation & parent conferences.  Our PTSA works to make it a week in which the staff feels highly appreciated and supported.  During next week, we set up a “staff treat room.” The location for the “treat room” is the meeting room near the main office. We stock the room with snacks or food (see the list below)  Please help us make it a great week by sending a contribution for one of the days listed below.  There are over 125 staff members at JJ Daniell and our collective donations will ensure that all staff members feel valued. 


Conference Week:
Monday – Salty Day (chips, nuts, bottled water)
Tuesday – Sweets Day (Little Debbie Snack Cakes, cookies, candy) Dinner (sponsored by PTSA Budget) from Pollo Tropical 
Wednesday – Healthy Day (veggies {raw/fresh}, hummus, ranch, blue cheese, fruit) + bottled water & Chicken Salad Chick will donate Samples
Thursday – Coke and a smile day – coke, sprite, diet & pretzels & Cheeseburger Bobby’s Burgers will donate burgers
Friday – Potluck Share (Parents drop off or send by student to Ms. Stacy Meriaux ( at the front desk near the main office.
We really appreciate anything you are able to contribute and hope you are having a great fall.
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